SD9VE First Shots

This morning I put the first 100 rounds through the SD9VE that I bought. I decided that I wanted to see how it shot before I added all the Apex parts, so I went to the range this morning and shot a series of drills/tests that I shoot on a regular basis. I didn’t have a dedicated holster for the SD9 so I used a Safariland 568 I had in my extra holster box. It worked OK, but I’m planning on getting a couple of dedicated holsters in the near future.

Let’s talk about the pistol real quick. This is a used pistol i bought from a local shop for $200 out the door. It came with 3 magazines, no box and had obviously been shot and carried. I have no idea when it was made or how many rounds it had through it. Just messing around with it, i was concerned with the magazine springs and whether or not they needed replaced. Turns out they do, but I’ll cover that more later. I didn’t clean anything, just took it to the range and shot it.

Whenever I get a new pistol, I always shoot a couple of drills with it on the first range trip – Dot Torture and The F.A.S.T.. So I planned on shooting those. I also shot 2 runs of the Casino Drill and then ended with shooting at an 8′ bullseye.

The F.A.S.T. Is supposed to be shot cold so I started with that. Normally I can shoot the F.A.S.T. in about 5.5 seconds. I ran the F.A.S.T. 3 times – 7.49 clean, 7.59 (+2 seconds for misses) and the final run was 7.34 clean.

After I shot the F.A.S.T., I ran the Casino Drill. With a RMR equipped pistol, I can usually run the Casino Drill in 14-15 seconds. First pass was clean but over the 21 seconds (21.58) so a FAIL. Second pass was clean and under the 21 seconds (barely – 20.55) so it was a PASS.

After the Casino Drill I shot a modified Dot Torture. I reduced the number of rounds on each dot so that I only shot 30 shots. From 3 yards I was 30/30.

At this point I had shot 90 rounds ( F.A.S.T. -18; Casino x2 – 42 and DT -30). My intention was to shoot the last 10 rounds at a B8 center. Unfortunately, I was out of them so I just put a paster in the 8″ circle of a F.A.S.T. Target and used that as a bullseye. I shot those shots at 10 yards, standing unsupported. I wasn’t happy with these shots, but it was my own fault for being in a hurry. I didn’t take them time I should have.

Here are some observations I noticed when shooting this morning.

First, as you can see from the photos, many of my shots were left of center. I didn’t take the time to shoot from a rest to see if that was me or the gun. After I Apex it out, I’ll do some shooting from a rest to see what’s up.

Second, as I was afraid was the case – the slide would not lock back at all when shot to empty so it looks like magazine springs need replaced. I’ve got 3 new magazines on order and they should be here Monday so hopefully that cures that problem. I’ll find some new springs for these mags later on.

Third, it’s “snappier” in the recoil compared to my other poly 9mm’s (Gen 2 Glock 19 and a CZ P07).

Fourth, the trigger was nothing like a Glock. Longer rolling trigger pull with no really discernible reset point. I really like DAO revolvers so the longer rolling trigger doesn’t bother me at all. It was kinda rough, but manageable.

My overall impression from the first 100 rounds is that it is definitely a serviceable pistol in the stock configuration, but has room for improvement. Maybe not as nice as an M&P, P10c or a Glock 19 for some folks, but a heck of a lot cheaper if you find them on sale or used.

Next week I’m teaching a Court Officer Basic pistol program and plan on using the SD9VE all week. I will post some more thoughts at the end of the week.

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